ABOUT Our Produce


Glass is one of the most familiar types of tableware. We use it every day in all seasons. Fine glassware creates a richer, more beautiful life. In summer we feel the coolness of glassware, in winter we feel warmth and calm light, through glass.

We hope to suggest a variety of attractive glassware that you will enjoy. We welcome your questions in English and hope you contact us soon.



Our new showroom opened in November of 2011. “Edo-kiriko” and various other kinds of glasses are always on exhibition and sale in our showroom. Also we will have glass cutting-demonstrations and the other local events.


【Online Shopping】
We offer original glassware in our online shop. Our new product, "funew" is featured.

【New eco style “funew”】
“Funew” is a new form of recycling which re-uses discarded wine and champagne bottles. New eco style “funew” was featured on Tokyo Business Satellite on TV.